Hello and thank you for visiting this site! My name is Robin Kahn. I am a speech language pathologist. I developed this site to let you know about my own work and share information that may be helpful for you.

My experience has spanned over three+ decades and been with a variety of age groups, settings and types of neurologically, intellectually challenged children and adults. Some people come to me with challenges in literacy skills, word finding deficits, articulation and oral-motor concerns as well as those wanting to improve themselves, experiencing a variety of setbacks or lack of treatment for some time. Over the years I have developed some specialized skills with: Birth, toddlers and school aged children who have autism spectrum and sensory challenges that include feeding disorders. I have been trained in the use of PROMPT as well as in the use of SOS therapy which is designed to help infants through maturing children who have sensory challenges around feeding.

After working at a local college, I became well versed in the use of SPEAKOUT therapy which is geared for adults, those who have Parkinson’s Disease and others with varying neurological disorders. The premise of the approach is that of living life with intent, including how we use our voice and the muscles involved therein for effective communication and swallowing skills.

I currently provide in-person school-based evaluations and ongoing therapies remotely. With an idea towards training adults as to how to help their children when I am not with them, I often try to allow you to learn how to embed language into daily routines and use these as teaching tools. dults like this approach becomes “therapy” becomes a daily event that comes naturally, aside from structured “homework” Feel free to reach out to me at speaktome.com.

Robin Sue Kahn, MS: CCC/SLP, TSHH Speech-Language Pathologist

*licensed in New York and New Jersey


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