My name is Robin Kahn.  I am a speech-language pathologist with eclectic experience in work across a variety of settings and across the lifespan.  With an interest in helping children and adults learn how to incorporate strategies to enhance cognitive, feeding, language and literacy skills within their daily life so that their function van improve, I welcome the opportunity of working with different family members, those significant to those with whom I work as well as educational or medical members of their care.

Specialty skills include that of work with those on the autism spectrum or sensory differences that affect communication and/or feeding skill development. Additionally, with adults who struggle with the impact of a neurogenic speech disorder such as Parkinson’s disease and those related to it, I offer SPEAK OUT! therapy. The program is described in great detail at http://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org

With an understanding that travel to an office may not be practical for some who seek my help, I offer the opportunity for home visits and flexible hours within Manhattan, New York.  Frequently I am asked  “what can I do at home to deal with this ….  ?  I am here to help you figure out the answer through the provision of initial evaluations, ongoing therapy and training.

Feel free to reach out and contact me, if I can be of help.

Robin Sue Kahn, MS, CCC, SLP/TSHH


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