Communication: face to face

Face to face talk time is becoming a lost art.  With the use of technology – cellular phones, fax transmittals, text messaging, electronic mail and computers in almost every home this is really something that has to be taught by my colleagues, parents of children and adults as well.  More and more young adults are talking “in the box”, as i refer to it with my fifteen year old son. Regardless of what your age, it is important to remember that we will need to be able to communicate looking right at eachother.  We need to use modalities of communicating that go beyond modern technology. What if there is a black out and there is no power? What if the battery on your phone or the computer does not work and you have to pick yourself up and go to see the person.? Something to think about

Consider making a “face time”, “quiet time” time of the day at a consistent point each day so that you do not disconnect from eachother.

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