Rx – Read to Your Baby – NYTimes.com

Rx – Read to Your Baby – NYTimes.com

via Rx – Read to Your Baby – NYTimes.com.

I recall back to when my now fifteen year old came home with a homework assignment in elementary school.  The principal and his teachers merely said “half an hour of reading each night”.  I said “read what?” and their answer was “anything!”..  “Anything??” I asked…  They responded “yes”  This was a turning point for me.  It also was a point when i started to reflect upon and ponder what was being taught….exposing my son to printed words..developing a love for entering another world thru printed language.    I now think that the principal and teachers were on to something.  Now in ninth grade, my son’s test scores place him at a college level comprehension level in reading and he can intelligently speak about what he reads. 

Reading is such a critical area of language development that we forget about this.  Writing is another of communuication-not just with a stylus pen; but one with ink in it one, a pencil with lead in it.  For your young infant or toddler you can actually practice with a fat “Big Crayons”.  They are made by companies like “crayola”.  Have them draw lines on paper.  Make up a song about drawing circles and squiggly lines on paper.  Your child will like the sound  of the music and probably enjoy the game with the writing tool they have in hand. 

I reference the above article for you to add to your parenting library and hopefully discussion at parenting groups in your local schools.

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