Mid-Holiday Week Check In

It is only the second day of Passover as i am writing this blog entry.  Actually, I forgot that today was the second day because the second seder was Tuesday nite.  It felt like the third day. My schedule has been so confused that I forgot what day it was this morning.  A colleague said that she thought that it was Friday today…..families with whom i work have changed their schedules for the week……. how are YOU managing???  how are your children managing?

In my travels this past week…some parents have expressed relief  at the fact that some school day care programs are open – at least for a part of the week.  Why? you ask??  I asked that too.  Overwhelmingly during my informal survey the answer has been uniform amongst them….STRUCTURE AND ROUTINE!!

No matter what age you are, we all seem to be able to function much more effectively when we have a schedule that is predictable in place.  I personally can’t go anywhere without my i phone and my appointment book.  Heaven forbid the battery on my phone dies and i have not written down my appointments for the day in another spot.  I always need the old fashioned appointment book in tow.  I have to see it in writing….. Predictability in our days matter.  Where does that leave us…..

Did you schedule anything this week. ??  Play dates for your children?  Trips out to the Children’s Museum? the public library?? It is not too late……If you really can’t do that and are too overwhelmed remember that you can still share time that is meaningful together…..

Every Day Activitites can help your child learn language. Can you go to the grocery store? Teach your child about the category of foods and drinks while you are shopping.   Label all the things you see and what you are doing.  Push the cart.  Put apples in a bag and count them. Tell your child that this is something that you eat and label it i.e. as an “apple”..  Show the child “milk”  Tell them that this is something that you “drink”.  If your child is holding a sippy cup or has a bottle with this in it show them – and tell them that you are getting “more milk” for them.  Keep going……

Does the laundry need to be done? Again – to teach language you are going to state what you are doing. Break this actiivity down into steps as you are getting the clothes cleaned.  Tell your child what you are doing i.e. put the shirt in the laundry bag…..put the pants in the laundry bag etc.  Voila!  you are teaching them the names of clothing.  If they are old enough, you can have your child help you.  Bring them to the machine “open the “door” and show your child how the clothes go in the machine.  Show them that the door is “shut”  Show him or her how the soap is put in the machine and explain that it will help the clothes get cleaned. If they are old enough, have your child close the door and see that the clothes are getting wet, the door of the machine is soapy and wet.  You can talk about this!  Are you starting to see that you are telling a story and having your child get involved while your chores are getting done????

How about pretend play….it is another way to develop cognitive an language skills…take a stuffed animal and a spoon and bowl.  Feed the stuffed animal, wash the toy baby doll and put on a pamper, put the animal or doll in the stroller and go for a walk, then they can go to sleep.      

At the end of the day – make a batch of cookies and have a snack together, watch a favorite tv show together and read a picture book so that they have not only heard language but are seeing it in print.   Make that a routine at night, even when it is not holiday time.  Plan one day at a time……and it will be less overwhelming …. most importantly have fun!

What do you think?

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