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In this day and age it is so sad that fewer of our children are getting outside and enjoying the outdoors, as I did when i was that age.  We had such a beautiful day in new york city and unaware to me this apparently was a day off in many schools. When I heard that, i looked up and down the block, I looked in the parks on the street corners and in the common areas of housing  developments and wondered…where are the children and young adults who are off from school???  

Just on the phone with a friend, he was saying that this is a generational thing and knows many families who have the same situation as I experience with my son and you are probably experiencing at home with your families.  It has become increasingly apparent that the use of technology in our children’s generation is a major focus of free time.  Sadly, development of pragmatic language which refers to the way that we use language in our day to day interactions with others, is being challenged.  

Pragmatic language skills include the ability to make eye contact with other people, to listen and then respond to other people, recognizing facial expressions and tuning into the communication of body language.  The lack of presence of these skills will efffect the ability to socialize with other people.  If all we do is stare into boxes – literally!  full of metal, bits, bytes… we will never learn to interact with humans. Since verbal interaction is one of the hallmarks of difference that seperarte humans from lower level functioning animals one wonders if human beings are regressing backwards. It is something to think about and if you have older children to discuss with them. 

Aside from the use of the DVDs metnioned in this article, an article in yesterday’s NY Times indicated that some schools are having students play bridge, encouraging more social skill development and higher level thinking and reasoning skills may be something worth exploring. 

In the spirit of helping you enable your children to develop pragmatic language skills, I attach a link to training DVDs that may be helpful for  you to watch, so that you understand how you may be able to help your child.  The terms “autism”, “autistic” and “asperger’s syndrome” may be seen in the link.  These refers to a condition or group of conditions in which there are frequently problems with acquiring social skills.  In my opinion there are increasing problems with this in both children and adults. 

I would love to hear your comments regarding this post and what you think about how your children are using language, in the presence of technology.

Now that you have finished reading this, reviewing the information about the DVDs in the link I attached and commenting back to me please; I encourage you to take a break and use your communication skills with another family member or friend before continuing to surf the web.

via Social Skills Training Videos and DVDs from Model Me Kids for Teaching Children and Teens with Autism and Asperger’s.

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