i did not realize when i loaded this that i would be talking about a number of videos.  i never uploaded a youtube video before.  so – these groups of videos say so much in such a short period of time.  they talk about what types of problems speech-language pathologists may see.  they talk about people who have some of these problems and you will hear what some of the people who are receiving help may feel.  i think it is especially important to watch the videos that are made by people who have the communication problems that are included here.  it is one thing to read about a disability that a person has and it is another to hear first hand what their life experience has been, living with a problem. So, in honor of Better Speech and Hearing Month, i invite you to take a look at these and think about the messages that each one is sending.  Consider commenting on those that are made by the person with the disability because it takes a great deal of courage; i would think, to create them.