This can be challenging, especially for the life of a special needs parent. Transitions can be hard so in this post I am going to focus on setting up an outline which may not be all inclusive but potentially helpful and include some links that may assist.  I’ll then focus more specifically on what paperwork may be helpful to pull together for that first day with your child who may have an IEP at school in Part Two.

Heading Back to School..A Change of Seasons and a Need to Re-Organize

School sales started even before August 1st. I had trouble with that and still do because it feels like the summer is being perpetually being increasingly rushed such that even if you are away on vacation, there is that reminder abundantly present around you that the season and level of responsibility for your family (if with young children) will be changing sooner than you think.  Even if you are an empty-nester ity is a reminder of the change of seasons and that the cooler weather season should be drawing soon upon the doorstep.  Yes – the reality is that this time of year is fast approaching in the Mid-Atlantic part of the United States.


School Supplies: an annual rite of passage    

As a child, I remembered that it starts again and is exciting because you hunt for that clean and crisp new notebook, new pens filled with ink, unsharpened pencils, crisp notebook paper etc. I must be dating myself – but one ritual I remember was making book covers from the nice shiney ones that they sold in the stores.  They were paper with pretty designs such as this one from   or the ones that I made out of paper bags. Here is a link so you can see how to do this from scratch I also remember metal lunch boxes, insulated bags, ice packs and thermos bottles for lunch box preparation. It was always nice to have a matching box and thermos at school. Everything had to be properly labelled.  Look at the lunch boxes the picture…It was so much fun to pick out a new one.

Not all of these materials are relevant today; but: for now, we need to consider tablets or laptops.  The very basic supplies of compatible pens headsets or bluetooth devices, phones and the accessories that go along with these may be necessary as well. My inbox had information about deals and here is a list for you   


Make sure that you have the proper uniforns, shoes/socks, a sweater and a bookbag. Labelling every item will ensure everything comes home and here is a link for an example about which i am speaking

On hold, but on the list for later:  wintercoat and boots, gloves, scarf and hat-depending on where you live.  Some stores are selling these now so watch online.

Schedules and Routines:  Manage These With Ease:

Here are links to those alarm clocks that older kids may enoy

  • Wipe-off boards  with markers will be great for the whole household to keep track of schedules and as well a bulletin boards to hang up all of those important announcements that come home.  First thing that you may want to put up is that emergency contact list if you have a nanny or family member taking care of your child after school.  Practice Will Help Everyone 

An extra idea:  Can your child help with chores at home i.e. setting the table for dinner, preparing one item, making lunch, laying out clothes for the morning and packing a book-bag the night before so you are set to go in the morning..  Think of the self-esteem that that may build!  Whatever routines you have organized for your individual family….try and  use them over the next few weeks.  

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