AND PERHAPS APPEARING FRUSTRATED … I will try to keep adding to this list for you as I come across items to add; but for starters, here are some concrete suggestions and resources available for you: Is your child interested in music:  Tuesday and Wednesday online music classes and from Daniel’s Music Foundation inContinue reading “COVID19 RESPONSE: WHEN YOU STAY AT HOME”

SLP Activity Suggestions

With credit to Lisa Chattler, SIG 16 associate coordinator Seal Beach, CA      I provide the list below and thank her on behalf of all of my readers for this wonderful resource! ***SIG=special interest group (language, learning and education) of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

Explaining Coronavirus

These are scary times and a number of parents online are asking for guidance in terms of how to explain the reason why their children are not in school.  There are ways that you can do so and I saw an article online that will be helpful    Some have voiced online concern about whatContinue reading “Explaining Coronavirus”

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