Can You Hear Me?

Homes with multiple children and pets can be hectic and loud, requiring extra attention to everyone and stressful for families. Especially being at home at this time, being mindful of your child’s ability to hear will be especially important. Infants Ear infections are more frequent in babies who have hearing aids because fluid becomes trappedContinue reading “Can You Hear Me?”

Home Friendly Preschool Activities

Continuing with information about language activities at home during this Better Speech and Hearing Month is an article that i am sharing from for your review. At Home With Young Children? Build Preschoolers’ Speech and Language Skills With Everyday Interactions and Activities As families around the country shelter in place, parents of preschoolers canContinue reading “Home Friendly Preschool Activities”

Virtual Schooling Tips

In a challenging time for the ability to educate your child, parents are struggling in the manner in which children have to learn. With this being Better Speech and Hearing Month (BHSM), this second BSHM post relates to how you can better help your child (and yourself) succeed at tele-schooling.


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month. This is a month designed to educate others about these areas and provide resources. Well… during this COVID 19 declared state of emergency, families have inquired about the need to structure time at home. In response to this concern, I am posting ideas and include some links atContinue reading “LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES”

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