New York City, NY: Grand Army Plaza

A Different Pre-Holiday Walk

Today, I really wanted to get further along on my walk than 59th street and 5th avenue. Ten blocks more and I would have been able to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. However, I looked downtown from my view in Grand Army Plaza (at 59th street and 5th Avenue) in New York City. It was just too crowded. I turned around and headed home. Before doing so, I took this photo and sent it to family members with whom I was planning to spend the evening. Sadly, we could not be together because of the pandemic.

Well, maybe taking a photo and sending it is not an idea way to say hello, especially on a holiday such as this; but, it was a way to share a moment and perhaps mark the day.

What Can You Do To Connect?

It’s dark out now, so maybe you wont be sharing that walk like I did a few hours ago; but perhaps you have the same board game at each other’s home and can play together virtually -just like you might in a multiplayer video game. Have a bit to eat together- hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies perhaps. If turning on the switch to nighttime lights around your holiday tree at home are a part of a shared tradition do so…. together. If you have a loved one who may not be with you this year, perhaps add a special ornament – a picture of them and put that on the tree or nearby. How would they have wanted you to observe the day and upcoming week? Talk about that.

It may be a different type of observance this year; but one thing is the same… it is a holiday season of sorts and even virtually we can connect and wish each other a healthier and happy new year! I hope you have one…