“”Thinking About it and Being Deliberate”

The title of this blog sums up the concepts that go alongwith theh fundamental nature of the SPEKOUT! program. It was developed by speech language pathologists at the parkinson voice project in richmond, texas as one to aid those with Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders. In my experience, using this has been marvelous for so many, not necessarily with a neurological disorder concept of living mindfully has been around for awhile. If you have ever meditated, it’s using that kind of awareness. The idea that this can translate to communication, eating and drinking is something that I never quite thought about. The evidence-based program called SPEAKOUT! brings this concept to life.



Exercise with Intent

Say “may-me-my-moh-moo” loud and proud! Use a sound level meter and get going. The visual feedback is so powerful and a large part of the program.