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Thank you for reaching out to me and by visiting, expressing an interest in learning more about me! My name is Robin Kahn.  I am a speech-language pathologist with eclectic across the lifespan and specialized work experience. I look forward to helping you learn how to improve the life of your children and/or yourself (depending on your age) by developing or acquiring more enhanced communicative and feeding skills.  My blog posts and resources are those which I hope will be of use to you. 

So that you know who I am and what services I offer…

My work began over thirty years ago when I completed my Master’s degree at Teachers College, Columbia University, and had my initial post-graduate work experience in varied public and private school settings with students from children of kindergarten through secondary school.  While working in a hospital with an outpatient clinic servicing children and adults with developmental differences; as well as those on an inpatient unit who had been transferred from the Willowbrook State Facility https://disabilityjustice.org/the-closing-of-willowbrook/ low-tech alternative communication systems were utilized, feeding and communication problems were addressed.  As well,  was training staff in the evening at a group home with similar adults living in group residences. 

Work on an Acute Care Inpatient Rehabilitation Department with those who had acquired neurological disorders allowed me to develop additional skills in the area of feeding, cognitive and communication disorders. 

Life changed, I became a parent and had the need for a more flexible schedule. I initially transitioned to home health care with an adult population where those from the hospital had been sent home, needing to continue the initial work that had performed on the inpatient unit. The opportunity for the novel field of Early Intervention with zero-three years olds presented itself. 

I am currently a NYS Department of Health Approved Evaluator and Ongoing Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy. You can find out more detailed information about the program at https://www.health.ny.gov/publications/0532.pdf     https://www.health.ny.gov/community/infants_children/early_intervention/

Feel free to reach out and contact me, if I can be of help. On my contact link, please send me a message

Robin Sue Kahn, MS, CCC/SLP

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