“We loved our time with Robin! She’s flexible and knowledgeable”.

Review for: Robin Kahn from a family whose son was being treated virtually

People Have Said…

  • “Robin was flexible. She was willing to adapt to the temperament and mood of our son if he was not interested in a particular exercise.  She would switch gears and try another approach tailoring the toys, games and instruments used” 
  • My 6 year old son started going to Robin so she can help him with his pronunciation. Robin was very gentle and patient.By using fun activities like playing board games and reading funny stories together,my son was able to make extraordinary progress in a short time. I highly recommend Robin as a speech therapist for children”.
  • “The reason that she came into our lives, two years ago, was that my daughter, who was receiving EI, had not made progress for 8 months under 2 SLPs. We begged our other therapists for a recommendation for someone who would be able to help her, as she was, for all intensive purposes, non-verbal. I am thankful every day that they recommended Robin! She has been an absolute saving grace for my daughter. She has always been able to evaluate just where she was in her deficiencies and formulate a plan to address them(usually in a brilliant innovative way). She has also gone the distance with the family in many ways to help our home environment to be a better place for our daughter (recommending schools, lawyers, therapists[for all family members], doctors, and even battled our health insurance company for us.) She puts her whole self into the children and families that she works with. So that is all briefly why we are blessed to call Robin our friend”.
  • “She puts her whole self into the children and families that she works with” Sean McMorrow